Candy Corn Cookies made using the KaleidaCuts Nerdy Candy corn cookie cutter

Cookie Cutters Are More Than Plastic

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Kristen Wells

The filament spins slowly as the cutter begins to take shape. Line by line the printer spins its web, delicately molding its creation. The sound of completion echoes through the room and a 4” memory is now ready for its debut. Someone may walk by this small piece of plastic without a second thought to its true makeup, but to a cookier, it is their greatest tool. For the cookie world is gathered together in orders surrounded in past, present, and future memories. 

For the past brings those thoughts, feelings, and emotions that are sparked by the memories of days gone by: the glimmering corners of your grandmother’s brooch that would catch your eye as she rocked you; the inside joke with your best friend about toilet paper; the beloved family dog; the favorite show you watched with your family; the once in a lifetime trip to a majestic place; the favorite color of a dear family member, the beloved pet that sat with you as cried over your first breakup...

The present day contains the anticipation and excitement of the current moment: a milestone birthday, a wedding day beauty, the welcoming of a new baby, the new home, the new love, the new job, the favorite season and time of year... 

So cookie cutters are more than just mere plastic. They are essence bearing objects that can spark the tear, laughter and joy of the precious pieces of our lives. As fleeting as life may be, we can always take a moment to reflect on the past, relive the joy, celebrate the present, and contemplate how far we’ve come. In a world filled with negativity, the cutter brings the promise of joy and hope of another fond memory made. 

As fall rises to greet us, my mind quickly rejoices in the remembrance of all that fall brings: a slower pace, comforting fires, board games with the ones I love, eating candy corns till we are sick, trick or treating in the rain, hot cocoa and a good book while I watch the wind blow out my window, and picking out the best pumpkins from the local farm! It is one of my most favorite times of year and something I can’t wait to enjoy as each year passes. Each of these captured so beautifully in with Heather’s recent cutters.

Each cutter grants a guideline, that starts the creative expression. The possibilities with each is endless, allowing you to create the exact memory (texture and all) you are longing to achieve.

So it is with this, that we encourage you to reach out, grab a cutter, relive a memory or celebrate a new one. No professional teaching necessary. Just mix in a dash of labor, a pinch of love, a sturdy cookie cutter and some royal icing and enjoy the benefits.

Products used: 

Nerdy Candy Corn Cookie Cutter
Boo Cookie Cutter Set
Floral Pumpkin 2 Cookie Cutter
Leaf Banner 2 Cookie Cutter

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I love everything about this post!

Taking a piece of plastic, molding it into a shape that Heather designed and turning it into an edible piece of art that can cause an emotional reaction!
What could be better?

Joan Golding

What a great read!! So nicely wrote. Really enjoyed it and the connection with ALL the feels

Carrie Wheeler

I don’t know if it’s because I got no sleep last night, but this blog made me weepy!! I’m a hobby baker and took up cookie-ing as a way to escape during a very dark, difficult time in my life. How Kristen described what cutters represent is exactly why I found comfort in rolling, cutting, baking, mixing, and decorating. Such a beautiful “story” to kick off your blog! Thank you!!


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